ART100 is an independent art organization that strives to promote the development of contemporary art through constructing a complete art industry chain and encouraging international cultural and art exchanges.

The Art100 Gallery network came to life in March 2015 with established galleries in Nanjing, Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore, New York, and Cyprus.

Our expansion to six locations in three continents represents our vision of becoming a unique international platform for select artists to showcase their work and make Fine Art accessible to a wider demographic.

Art100 Galleries facilitate an inherently global system of cultural interactions aimed at disrupting the industry landscape through facilitating dynamic creative platforms where people can experience high-quality artworks and meaningful high-impact cultural events of both relevance and significance.

ART100 Nanjing

ART100 Nanjing Is located at the Baijia Lake Art Museum in the city of Nanjing China. Housed in a three-floor state of the art exhibition space comprising an area of 3,000 sqm, the space focuses on facilitating cohesive Artistic programs with an international outlook as well as offering a platform for domestic Artists. Art100 Nanjing seeks to provide synergies that combine the Local with the Global, organizing and carrying out high level and high-grade art activities such as ‘Art Nanjing’ and "INTELLECTUAL: visual consumption’’ that offer its audience quality artistic experiences of substantial value and merit. Art100 Nanjing seeks to play a focal role in creating a strong Artistic atmosphere in the city’s urban culture and to cultivate the aesthetic taste of the local public.

Art100 Nanjing Exhibitions and Activities:

ART100 Hong Kong

ART100 Hong Kong is the first overseas gallery of our group, launched in 2015 it has become an important international academic and exhibition space that has served as a successful launchpad for Artists to the international Artworld. Based in Hong Kong, the centre of contemporary art in Asia, Art100 Gallery (Hong Kong) focuses on platforming cultural and Artistic exchanges between Hong Kong and China through facilitating cross-cultural academic research and artistic production. Art100 Hong Kong focuses on offering a space wherein local artists can nurture their creativity on the one hand and Chinese Artists can reach a wider international status on the other.

ART100 Hong Kong Exhibitions and Activities:

ART100 Beijing

ART100 Beijing is located at the heart of Beijing's bustling 798 Art District. Representing the Art100 brand’s aspirations of becoming a focal platform for high-impact Artistic production throughout China, ART100 Beijing brings together established and promising new Artists in an innovative platform in the heart of the Chinese Capital with dynamic Artistic programming and cultural propositions that seek to inject new vigour and vitality into the Chinese art world.

ART100 Beijing Exhibitions and Activities:

ART100 New York

ART100 New York occupies 500 sqm and is in the golden area of New York's Chelsea art district: a historic building built in 1891 at the intersection of 25th Street and 11th Avenue. It strives to present the works of renowned Chinese and foreign artists on an international stage, while at the same time providing an exhibition and exchange platform for up-and-coming young artists. Art100 New York constructs a bridge to facilitate communication between Chinese and Western art and to bring about their convergence.

ART100 New York Exhibitions and Activities:

ART100 Cyprus

ART100 Cyprus marks the group’s expansion into the European continent. ART100 seeks to play a holistic role in the Cultural landscape of Cyprus with the overarching goal of transforming the island into a premier international Art hub. Art100 Cyprus plans to launch galleries, museums, digital platforms as well as to organize an International Art Fair and Biennale. ART100 seeks to become the premier Arts and Culture institution in the island and facilitating the creation of a sustainable cultural industry as a pillar of the local economy.